Truck and Trailer Builds

All Equipment and Pressure Supply is your resource for pressure washer set ups in the Central Florida area. If you are just starting out and looking for the most efficient set up to get you going or if you are ready to upgrade your old equipment and set up, we can help! We have everything you need to set up a pressure washing rig in store, from the machine, to the hose reels and tanks.

We will work with you to come up with a pressure washing set up within your budget that will fit your business’s needs. Whether you run your business from the back of a pick up, flatbed, box truck or trailer, we will install all of your equipment and run plumbing and electrical connections so everything is neat and functional. We also can build custom racks for your equipment to optimize space further (see custom welding for examples).

We offer soft wash system options as well. In addition to our 12 volt pumps, we now stock Yamada air diaphragm pumps. The Yamada pumps will allow you to spray 100% chlorine and other corrosive chemicals through any size tip. Manufacturer standard use period is 10 years. We also have the air compressors needed for set up in stock.


Here are some examples of recent builds we have done:

An old reclaim unit was converted into a 10gpm, dual gun, hot water pressure washer with new trailer set-up.


Old equipment was swapped out and replaced with new hot water skids and new plumbing connections.

Custom built ladder rack (can be done on truck bed as shown and also on trailers).

For any questions regarding a truck or trailer build or for a quote, please click the button below or contact us directly at 321-765-7725 or

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